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Prototyping the Future

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Another Tomorrow 

Our mission is to prototype the future by experimenting with new technology in interdisciplinary teams in order to intelligently invent new ways to communicate and experience our world.


We are facilitators and curators bringing together different expert perspectives to collaborate on your challenge through fast and agile formats.

We use prototyping to visualise and bring ideas to life fast in order to test which future opportunities your brand/service should grasp, and which ones to let go. 

In today’s world it doesn’t make sense to spend months and millions creating products and services that don’t quite do what you want them to do. Which is why we have developed an agile prototyping process. We call it Sling.

Sling puts experimentation and productive failure at the heart of a rigorous design journey that allows ideas to flourish or to “fail fast”, giving you the chance to maximise creativity whilst minimising time and money.

Work with us if you want to prototype the future.



We are here to help brands, agencies, organisations and cities to visualise, prototype and test ideas before they hit the market. We offer a variety of perspectives and solutions to reach your goal based on our flexible prototyping process.


We offer a range of immersive talks, workshops and courses that will equip you and your team with the necessary knowledge and skills to prototype and navigate the evolving digital landscape. We design our learning experiences in collaboration with your organisation to respond directly to both current needs and possible future challenges.


We take care of the execution whether it’s building a mobile application, a content-rich responsive website or a physical-digital interactive installation. We are platform agnostic specialists who believe in the power of craft and always create for purpose, performance, and scale.


 Joe Coppard and Fredrik Heghammar are natural collaborators, driven to explore new ways to communicate; always curious about new trends and techniques in which to forge the future. Alongside running Another Tomorrow they both teach at Berghs School of Communication – Read More



We are always looking for interesting people to collaborate and partner with.

If like us you are passionate about prototyping a bright future sign up so we can get you into our network.

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