The future is looking more complex than ever.

Don't just predict it. Prototype it.


Another Tomorrow helps organisations thrive in an uncertain world. We design and implement processes for business critical challenges that inject diverse perspectives, change organisational mindsets and prototype options. Fast.

Another Tomorrow in Almedalen

Hacking Democracy, Integration and the Labour Market together with cross-disciplinary perspectives and expert panel at Sweden's annual political week.

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Activity Based City 2.0 Hackathon at Järvaveckan

Together with clients Skanska, Scania, MTR and WSP we invited young perspectives from all around Stockholm to help us prototype ideas for the future city a two-day hackathon.

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Our clients 

We work with diverse clients on diverse challenges. From the future of cod fishing in the baltic sea to the future of customer experience in the banking industry, we are here to enable change.

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Our team is a cross-disciplinary network of experts—leaders in their field with fascinating perspective, a knack for collaboration and a passion for the future.

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We believe diverse perspective is a catalyst for breakthrough innovation. Another Tomorrow has curated an unique network of individuals from multiple backgrounds and areas of knowledge that challenges business-as-usual to uncover future opportunities.

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Another Tomorrow at Design for Peace Hackathon Konstfack

Design for Peace:Stockholm is a humanitarian design hackathon, hosted by Konstfack. It features humanitarians, designers, makers and producers, hackers and entrepreneurs who address four current and pressing humanitarian challenges.


"Innovation is more about applications than basic research"

Another Tomorrow's leadership team Fredrik, Staffan and Joe discuss with how successful companies are working on innovation and how AT has developed a model that will facilitate "regular" companies to define their future strategy.