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Another Tomorrow

Prototyping the Future


Enabling Change Through Prototyping

Prototyping is a way of bringing ideas to life in order to experience and test them. A tool for exploring opportunities. Fast.

Our process decentralises innovation and introduces diverse perspectives — which is vital when creating disruptive ideas, launching products or transforming your organisation to be future ready.


Selected Work



We work with diverse clients on diverse challenges. From the future of cod fishing in the baltic sea to the future of customer experience in the banking industry, we are here to enable change.

Another Tomorrow clients

Accelerate change


Go from idea to prototype to product at startup speed.

Our design sprint can be applied to any challenge, sector or scenario and has proved over and over to be an invaluable way to innovate.


Craft prototypes, products and services within our multi-disciplinary production studio.

Our network of experts build what you need—from physical prototypes to digital experiences to artificial intelligence and beyond.


Evolve your organisation with hands-on learning of the tools of tomorrow.

Digital transformation cannot be solved with technology alone—teams need to be equipped with the mindset of change. We have the education to do just that.


Curators & Facilitators

Our team is a cross-disciplinary network of experts—leaders in their field with fascinating perspective, a knack for collaboration and a passion for the future.


Staffan Ekholm — CEO, Partner

+46-705 400 665

Kathrin Spaak — Head of Studio

+46-070 516 97 09

Fredrik Heghammar — Founding Partner

+46-70 445 02 39

Lisa Stenvinkel — Head of Network

+46-73 956 56 98

Joe Coppard — Founding Partner

+46-76 850 77 03


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