Prototyping the Future of Temporary Saluhallen


Östermalmstorg in central Stockholm has since 2015 been the setting for a large, wood-marketplace called Temporary Saluhallen; a building created as an provisional solution while the old marketplace is undergoing renovations.

What will happen to the wooden structure after it has served it's purpose?

Tengbom Architects, who is exploring new methods for developing urban spaces, were committed to finding out. They engaged Another Tomorrow to prototype future scenarios. 



In order to envision the future possibilities for the building, Another Tomorrow set up a fast-paced session at the Tengbom offices.

In a 2 hour design thinking sprint, we facilitated employees from Tengbom architects through an ideation and prototyping session.

The participants were challenged to use their imagination and placed the above-mentioned house in different places in Stockholm - each representing a current social challenge for the city. 


The participants generated hundreds of futuristic ideas and further developed 8 of these into video prototypes. 

Tengbom developed three of the prototypes further into visionary suggestions on how Temporary Saluhallen could be reused with new features in the future.

By harnessing the power of cross-disciplinary perspectives and visualising collaborative ideas, the future became a lot closer — and the energy to get there was boosted ten-fold. 






2 hour sprint


Visualizing experience of ideas

Temporary and reusable architecture makes it possible to prototype new solutions; to test how we can develop urban space, bridge socio-economic gaps and work with gender equality.
— Mark Humphreys, Architect at Tengbom