Building the First Union for AI


How can we future proof Trade Union structures in a world of advanced technology?

Stockholm-based ANRBBDO approached Another Tomorrow to get our perspective for a concept they had developed – Like A Swede –  for TCO (an umbrella organisation for Swedish Trade Union’s, perhaps the most Swedish Organisation possible)

The idea was to future proof the beloved "Swedish Parts Model" by forming a union for the world’s largest upcoming workforce, AI.

We wanted to attract bots on the internet to join the union by creating a "Honey Pot" — a complex method used to attract and control viruses and cyber attacks online. The union of course needed a Spokesperson, so we created Clever Botson — a 24/7 chat bot that held all the answers to why the "Swedish parts model" is the way to go.


Another Tomorrow supported ANRBBDO throughout the entire building process with technical research, facilitating PoCs, prototyping, testing and production through Another Tomorrow Studio.

After a series of iteration and testing we first built the Honey Pot and the Chatbot. The Chatbot was built from the ground up using several API’s and services available at the time.


Note: This was ahead of both Google and Facebook releasing their chat bot API’s.


Cleaver Botson is today serving as a key educational partner towards TCO's members.

Hundreds of thousands of bots visit the site everyday, and since launching the Honey pot has, to date, attracted almost 5.000.000 "members" - and counting.

These numbers would make Like a Swede the largest workers union in the world.


Workers Union




Discovery, testing and building


Functional prototypes

We want to increase knowledge about the party model, raise thoughts and ideas and get a dialogue about how we can develop and future-proof party model in a new era
— Eva Nordmark, chairman of TCO