Rethinking the Future of the Connected Home



The idea of controlling your washing machine with your phone or talking to your coffee maker might have seemed ludicrous just a decade ago. However, as devices gradually become more connected, enabled by the Internet of Things, the concept of the "smart home" is rapidly becoming a familiar reality. 

Home appliance giant BSH are eager to explore the potential of their connected hardware. Since 2015, new partners and services for the digital eco-system Home Connect have been generated at the open innovation event Hack the House.

With Stockholm being one of the world’s leading high-tech cities, BSH approached Another Tomorrow to bring the event to the Swedish capital, engage local talents and facilitate the reinvention of the connected home. 


Another Tomorrow's role was to bring in key players from Stockholm's IoT eco-system and design, facilitate and curate the 2-day event Hack the House.

40 developers from the startup and IoT sector – including employees from companies such as Spotify, Vattenfall, Arla Foods and Nordic Choice Hotels – gathered at creative space Alma to prototype the future of the connected home.


The teams each developed innovative new solutions for the Home Connect ecosystem using hardware from Bosch and Siemens home appliance range. 

All 12 versions of the future connected home were both demonstrated live in front of a jury as well as visualized in short video format.

BSH invited the winning teams to their HQ in Munich to discuss further development of their prototypes. 


Home Appliances




2 day hackathon


Software development and vision prototypes

We need to and should interact with others to co-create. We can be part of a bigger solution that really brings joy to life and improve your life.
— Martin Knobloch, CEO BSH Northern Europe