Envisioning a More Sustainable Stockholm



Like many cities, Stockholm is in the process of transitioning into more sustainable energy sources.

Swedish energy company, Fortum Värme, has taken on this challenge and are proactively working together with the inhabitants of Stockholm to find new ways to make the capital more sustainable.

Fortum Värme engaged Another Tomorrow to design and facilitate a hackathon, with a brief revolving around how Fortum Värme, a company co-owned by Fortum and the City of Stockholm, can become climate and resource neutral by 2030.


In collaboration with growth consultancy, All Work United, Another Tomorrow facilitated a one-day hackathon during Stockholm Act Festival at beautiful Rosendal Gardens.

Participants consisted of representatives from Fortum Värme, as well as perspectives from a diverse set industries and organisations who acted as catalysts in the innovation process.


The prototypes from the hackathon were captured and developed, live, in animated video format by AT Studio and put on Fortum Värme’s platform for innovation, Hållbar Värme

The teams developed hundreds of ideas around sustainability projects for Fortum Värme and the people of Stockholm.

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1 day hackathon


Vision prototypes

The inclusion of outside perspective is vital. To connect with people who have knowledge from sectors that are not biased to what are trying to achieve is what makes a process like this so valuable.
— Anders Egelrud, CEO Fortum Värme