Activity Based City 2.0 Hackathon


ABC 2.0 is a cross-industry project initiated by construction and infrastructure giants MTR, Skanska, Scania and WSP

The purpose is to initiate a discussion on innovative urban development and how to best design our future cities to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

The project is based on the Triple Helix model and involves the public, academia and private sector.

Another Tomorrow was brought in to design and facilitate a 2-day hackathon with the public at political week Järvaveckan.


The intention of the hackathon was to invite young people to participate in discussion of future urban development and get a better idea of how they want to live in the future.

Participants were individuals in ages 16-30, all coming from different parts of Stockholm. 

During two intense days, we generated and prototyped innovative ideas for the future city - a place where everyone can live, work and meet.


The teams collectively generated futuristic ideas and merged their best ones into visions in four separate areas: transport, work, living and community.

Vision were packaged in videos and explained in more detailed presentations for the partners, who in turn gave the teams feedback and asked questions. 

The visions created during the hack will help the partners of ABC 2.0 lay the foundation for Sweden's future cities and urban spaces. 


Urban development




2-day hackathon


Low-fi video prototypes and presentations

Including citizens’ perspectives is key in urban development. In this case we focus on young people, because they are the ones who will live in living in the cities of the future. Therefore, we see this as very important.
— Åsa Elm, Nordic Head of Corporate Communications