AT in Almedalen: Hacking Democracy, Integration and the Labour Market 


Sweden's annual political week – Almedalen – is a unique meeting place for individuals from all across society.

During a week that is all about talking and politics, we wanted to switch focus to collaboration and solutions and find out how we can use rapid innovation processes to tackle large scale societal problems. 


Can innovation processes like hackathons be used to address the complex, interconnected problems in society?


On July 6th 2018, we gathered people from all across society and facilitated the hackathon Från folkhemmet till Framtidslandet Sverige.

The hack targeted three themes, critical for the future of Swedish society; democracy, integration and the labour market.

Participants were from different societal organisations, functions, political parties and backgrounds and had three hours to go from problem to prototype.

The goal of the hack was to generate ideas that could be implemented in the near future and understood by all.


Each of the teams captured their ideas in prototype videos that were presented to a panel of judges. 

On the panel were Per Bolund, Deputy Finance Minister; Ann-Therese Enarsson, CEO of Futurion; Per Schlingmann, communications expert; Ishtar Touailat, Head of Innovation at Tieto and Ahmed Abdirahman, founder Järvaveckan and The Global Village.

Read more about Almedalen Hackathon in our article on Medium.


Photos: Derry Philip


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3 hour hackathon


Low-fi video prototypes

A Hackathon is creativity at it’s finest. You build from scratch, leverage collective intelligence, try, test and iterate. It’s a messy process, but in a positive way.
— Ishtar Touailat, Head of Innovation at Tieto, Female Future Leader 2018