The digital revolution is in full force—transforming systems, states and societies. We know that those who resist will be disrupted but the path to future success isn’t always that clear. The only thing we know for sure is that change will be constant, so in order to thrive in the future we must enable all parts of our organisations to master change. 

Up until now digital transformation for companies has mostly been focused on technology and setting up labs. Now we must focus on the most important thing—how we humans can work together—to explore, experiment and master the opportunities digitalisation brings.

Participate to Innovate

Whilst magic can happen in a lab, lasting change has to happen everywhere. Labs are fantastic statements of innovation but after time become yet another silo within the organisation. We believe in empowering everyone throughout organisations to prototype the future and participate to innovation. Therefore we design bespoke programmes for entire organisations—tailored to your needs.

Natural Born Teachers

Our team are experts in this type of learning—passionate educators who have founded academies, ran departments, lectured globally and curated cross-school collaborations with the likes of Google, Berghs School of Communication, KTH, Hyper Island and The University of the Arts London. 

Based on this, we have designed multiple learning programmes to enable change through prototyping. These are all crafted to empower individuals to understand the future, facilitate change and participate in innovation. Whether it’s an inspirational hour over lunch or a year long learning programme, we have you covered.