Prototyping the Future of Banking

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Industry: Banking

Perspective: Swedbank Senior Management from Nordic and Baltic regions


Process: 2 day sprint

Prototypes: Future banking experience


Banking is an industry in the midst of rapid change, where digitalisation and start-ups are disrupting old ways of working.

Facing this challenge, The Nordic-Baltic region’s biggest banking group - Swedbank - tasked Another Tomorrow to lead a design sprint to uncover new opportunities for how the bank can stay fit for the future.  



In order to envision the future scenarios for Swedbank, Another Tomorrow set up a fast-paced 2-day sprint at the Swedbank HQ in Riga.

For two days in May 2017, Another Tomorrow guided 120 participants from the Swedbank senior management through sessions of ideations, prototyping and testing.



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All participants involved in video prototyping.

Consolidated future visions.

Re-energised & dedicated to innovation.

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