Future-Proofing the Audio News Experience


Industry: Radio

Process: 2 day Sprints


Perspective: Cross-functional  

Prototype: Audio News Experience 


Sveriges Radio (SR) has created outstanding audio content for millions of listeners daily for close to 100 years. Few organisations  carry the same legacy and wide spread appreciation. But in an era of digitalization and podcasting, Sweden's century old public radio broadcaster need to keep the pace with the changing times.

In it’s ambition to stay relevant for the future, SR  engaged Another Tomorrow to facilitate a series of design sprints.


Our collaboration with SR has revolved around helping their organisation speed up innovation and prototype new services for their digital platforms. Another Tomorrow has facilitated several sprints for SR, the longest format of these being 2 days.

The set up of the sprints follow Another Tomorrow’s innovation process Sling, and have included sessions of discovery, ideations, prototyping and testing.

Participants have been coming form within the organisation and have been working in cross-diciplinary teams. 


The prototypes resulting from our sprints with SR have been captured in video format and internally interrogated and iterated.

The aim is to have a new audio new experience launched well in time before the Swedish elections in 2018.