Building the First Union for Artificial Intelligence


Industry: Workers Union

Perspectives: Partners


Process: Discovery, Production and testing

Prototype: Functional prototypes 


A new type of workers have entered the labour market. They work around the clock, with zero vacation and no salary.

Chat bots, service bots and spambots want better conditions on their workplaces. TCO - central organization for 14 trade Swedish unions - were the first in the world to recognize the fact that AI workers remain unrepresented.

TCO engaged Another Tomorrow to prototype and build the digital parts of their "Face Tomorrow Like A Swede" campaign. The ambition was to highlight of the power of uniting in a labour market caught up in change due to digitization, robotization and globalization. 



Research, discovery on what technology to use 


where AIs organize and launch the world's first artificial intelligence union - to live "Like a Swede".


The chairman of the newly established Artificial Intelligence Union is a chatbot programmed to educate both A.I.s and people about the party model on the site


Chatbot, wireframes, functional  and POC 




Face Tomorrow Like a Swede is a sequel to TCO's viral campaigns Like a Swede and Business like a Swede and has a world premiere at today.
Chat with the president of the A.I. Clever about the party model at


We want to increase knowledge about the party model, raise thoughts and ideas and get a dialogue about how we can develop and future-proof party model in a new era
— Eva Nordmark, chairman of TCO