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Our process, Sling, fuses all the best parts of innovation theory, digital prototyping and design thinking into a highly productive two-day sprint.

At the heart of Sling lie two crucial elements that maximise creativity and effectivity: Interdisciplinary collaboration & rapid iteration.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is the best way to create breakthrough ideas. Period. By fusing the talent and perspective from unexpected collaborators we can unlock our imaginations and discover solutions that are out of the ordinary. AKA disruptive. Research shows that this is much harder with teams from similar background, disciplines and perspectives and out network of international talent ensures that the right brains are on hand to collaborate.

Rapid iteration facilitates experimentation, allowing us to harvest great ideas, park bad ones and form the learnings into breakthroughs. Working at speed also allows us to explore various opportunities with low risk and cost.

Is our future in VR, AI, wearables or the blockchain?

With traditional processes these questions cost lots of time and money before getting concrete answers from the market. Our design sprint allows the discovery of multiple futures, development of multiple prototypes to us to test on relevant audiences in order to identify which future to concentrate on before going into production.