Hacking the Future of Sustainable Energy


These are difficult times for the energy industry. With disruptive digitalisation, climate change looming, and the transition to sustainable energy sources becoming more and more urgent; new ways of working are needed - fast.

Sweden’s largest energy provider, Vattenfall, is committed to resolving modern energy issues. Part of their commitment is to make innovation more open, transparent and inclusive. 


Together with DDB Stockholm, Another Tomorrow brought diverse new perspectives into an innovation process order to explore the future possibilities of power and energy.

The format was a two day hackathon called The Future of Energy — within which people with diverse skills and perspectives were collectively explored and climate-smart solutions were collaboratively prototyped.

Building upon our process Sling, Another Tomorrow guided participants through stages of ideation, prototyping and testing. 


Teams visualized their ideas in short, self-explanatory videos. These video prototype were to be tested on the public in order to validate the results & take the best ideas to the next level.





Cross-functional and cross-disciplinary


Visualizing experience of ideas


2 day hackathon

What has been missing from the Swedish energy debate is imagination. The power of innovation has been completely underestimated
— Göran Bohlin, Award-winning inventor & hackathon participant